Reading Time: 2 minutes Vegannection wants to help its business partners survive the current pandemic (Photo: Supplied)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Vegannection was created to support vegan businesses, rewarding people for shopping at plant-based businesses using its card, by giving cashback rewards and supporting vegan charities.

Three weeks ago, the company launched a holistic e-commerce solution to support all vegan businesses that need it.

E-commerce solution

Under the new service, Vegannection will create individual websites for partner businesses with their own branding.

Vegannection provides the sub-domain, hosting, and its own payment gateway, as well as maintaining the page completely for free. It also organizes pick-up delivery at no cost.

A company’s spokesperson told Plant Based News: “All the services Vegannection offers for its partners – the payment gateway, loyalty program, marketing support and e-commerce solution – all come with no set up fees, no monthly fees, no maintenance fees and no fixed term contract, which means that, for our partners, there is no risk at all.”


The e-commerce solution has already worked effectively for multiple businesses.

Speaking about working with Vegannection, Anika, founder of Sweet and Kind, said: “It’s been great to work with a partner like Vegannection. Thanks to its unique rewards scheme, our sales have grown.”

Chiara, owner of Sybil Loves Cherries, added: “Vegannection is a great project we’re really happy to be part of. It brings new vegan businesses together giving the chance to share their beautiful products.”

Ionel, of Redefine, said:”The Vegannection team is impeccable and quick. The web shop they created for my brand is neat and easy to use, plus, they’ve managed to keep in mind my brand’s characteristics. I was more than impressed and I’m looking forward to a long-term friendship and collaboration.”

Vegan businesses who want to take advantage of this opportunity can find out more here

Consumers who would like to use all the benefits the Vegannection card offers can sign up and get a virtual card for free here

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