Reading Time: < 1 minute Carla Bruni praises her son for his vegan beliefs (Photo: Facebok)
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France’s former first lady Carla Bruni has revealed that her son is a ‘militant vegan’.

Model and singer Bruni, who is former French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife, has told French publication Gala that her eldest son, Aurélien, is vegan for the animals.


Bruni praised 16-year-old Aurélien, who is Bruni’s and French philosopher Raphaël Enthoven’s son, saying he is a young man of conviction.

The 49-year-old mother says: “He is a militant vegan. To protect animals.”

The French vegan movement is ever-growing, with McDonald’s France having recently addressed the rising demand for meat-free food by launching a veggie burger.


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