Reading Time: 2 minutes Connor McGregor shows off his mink coat
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor has been urged to ditched fur.

Vegan charity PETA wrote to the fighter after they saw him showing off mink coats on social media.

The organization has ask McGregor to donate his fur coats to its ‘fur amnesty program’ – which would lead to them being used in educational displays, donated to animal sanctuaries to be used as bedding, or given to homeless people or refugees in need.

‘Gucci mink’

McGregor shared photos of himself wearing the coats on Instagram, and wrote: “The Original Gucci mink! I bought this coat for $55,000 at the Gucci boutique store on 5th Avenue in New York. The same location I then bought the second one, with the dragon emblazoned on the back. Costing $80,000.

“Both these coats are hand made one of one’s. None others produced…The plain one has a large tiger embroidered into the seem of the coat, which I paired with a pair of wide-end Gucci pants, while the other has the unescapable dragon, emblazoned across the back, reaching around to the front, and through the entire belly of the coat.”

‘Caged and petrified’

“No matter how much you paid for those coats, the minks who spent their lives caged and petrified before being violently slaughtered paid a far higher price,” PETA U.K. Director Elisa Allen wrote in the letter.

“Although it’s too late to help the animals who were killed for your coats, you can help prevent more animals from suffering by donating these pieces to PETA [U.K.].

“We would put them to good use in our educational displays in order to inform other people about the grim fur trade. Alternatively, we could give them to refugees in war-torn countries or people sleeping rough – the only people who have any excuse for wearing fur in this day and age – or use them as bedding for orphaned animals.”

Celebrities who have donated their furs to PETA include Mariah Carey, Kim Cattrall, and Anjelica Huston.

Maria Chiorando

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