Major YouTuber Fleur DeForce Goes Plant-Based For The Planet

Major YouTuber Fleur DeForce Goes Plant-Based For The Planet


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The YouTuber says ditching animal foods has been easier than she expected (Photo: YouTube/Felur DeForce) - Media Credit:
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Major YouTuber Fleur DeForce has switched to a plant-based diet in a bid to become more sustainable and healthier.

The beauty guru revealed the news in a recent video shared with her 1.4 million subscribers.

Although the video was titled Going Vegan?!, in it, Fleur very clearly points out the distinction between a vegan lifestyle and a plant-based diet, and said she is plant-based, as she continues to use leather items. In addition, her young daughter River does not follow a plant-based diet.

Ditching meat and dairy

According to Fleur, she wanted to make the switch some time ago, but her meat-loving husband Mike was reluctant, and she didn’t want to cook multiple meals.

This changed after watching plant-based documentary The Game Changers, which features multiple athletes who have thrived eating plants.

“[The film] has been insane in terms of the amount of men I know of, and have heard of, going vegan from that…” she said. “Whether or not I necessarily agree with the arguments in it, it’s not my specific reasoning for wanting to go vegan, but it changed Mike’s mind and for that I’m grateful.

“That was the main motivation and the point of use changing. For me, my main reasoning for it is environmental, but also, a little bit of health. That is the main reasoning behind it.”


The YouTuber revealed that she has been plant-based for three months, and didn’t share the news before, as she was worried about criticism – but also wasn’t sure about how the switch would pan out at first.

“I didn’t want to do this as a YouTube thing…because I didn’t know how it would turn out. I didn’t know if we’d end up giving up after a few weeks, I didn’t know what would happen.

“So I really wanted to test it out from a real-life perspective first, and not talk about it.”

She added that she’s found making the switch easier than expected – as she was already eating a few vegan meals a week, and that cooking was more exciting now she was no longer in the rut of cooking the same old meals all the time – which has made her more adventurous with cooking.

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