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American carmaker Fisker is to launch what it has described as the ‘world’s most sustainable vehicle’ – the Fisker Ocean.

The all-electric, zero-emissions car, which gives 250-300 miles on a single charge, has a vegan interior made from recycled plastics sourced from the ocean including water bottles and abandoned fishing nets.


It also features an ‘eco-suede’ derived from polyester fibers from recycled materials, resulting in 80 percent less CO2 emissions compared to traditional petrol-based polyester producution.

Customers can also opt for a full-length solar roof which has the potential to supply more than 1,000 free miles a year.

‘Sustainable vehicles’

According to PR Newswire, CEO and Chairman Henrik Fisker said: “Our mission is to create the world’s most sustainable vehicles. To achieve this mission, we’ve created a new kind of ownership experience characterized by ease and affordability.

“Being the world’s first all-digital car company, we can bring accessible pricing, emotional design touches and an enjoyable, hassle-free experience to the luxury EV segment.”

Fisker has announced the car will debut in 2022, but has not specified a specific launch date. Prices will start from $37,499.

You can find out more about the Fisker Ocean here

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