Reading Time: < 1 minute Footage from a UK farm shows turkeys crammed in a barn (Photo: Surge)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A new campaign video from an animal rights organization seeks to highlight ‘sickening conditions’ on turkey farms in the UK.

The video, called The Nightmare Before Christmas, was created by Surge and voice by Harry Potter star (and vegan advocate) Evanna Lynch.


It features footage from two UK farms – including Grove Smith Turkeys from a November 2018 investigation.

Grove Smith Farms was the subject of investigations by the RSPCA, APHA and Essex Trading Standards, following the release of an exposé by Animal Equality in December 2018, which prompted national press coverage.

A statement from the farm’s lawyers at the time said: “It appears that Animal Equality has deliberately manipulated this situation to present a picture of poor conditions which is entirely inaccurate.”

‘Violence and suffering for our Christmas dinner’

“The purpose of The Nightmare Before Christmas campaign is to highlight to consumers how much violence and suffering there is for our Christmas dinner,” Ed Winters, co-director of Surge, said.

“Christmas is supposed to be a celebration, a day of togetherness and hope, but can we really call it a ‘Happy Christmas’ when millions of sentient beings are having their throats cut needlessly and their lives mercilessly taken from them? Nobody has to die for us to celebrate Christmas, so let’s make every year a vegan Christmas.”

Evanna Lynch, high-profile animal rights campaigner and narrator of The Nightmare Before Christmas, added: “The simple fact is that the only way to absolutely guarantee the welfare of any non-human animal is to not raise them for us to use and abuse.”

Maria Chiorando

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