‘Vegans Are Sacks Of Sh*t But They Are Winning’ Carnivore Ex-Doc Blasts


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Shawn Baker took his rant to YouTube and Instagram (Photo: Instagram) - Media Credit:

A former doctor who followed an all-meat diet for a year has blasted vegans online – saying meat-eaters must fight the ‘vegan agenda’.

Shawn Baker had his medical license revoked in 2017 due to ‘failure to report adverse action taken by a healthcare entity and incompetence to practice as a licensee‘.

He appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast earlier this year, talking about his beliefs around following a purely carnivorous diet. Baker maintains he has ‘exhibited very good health and function’ since ditching all non-meat foods.

Shawn Baker posted the video on YouTube


Baker has adopted an extreme anti-vegan position, blaming the movement in part for ‘driving us towards a processed food future’. In his video about how to stop the growth of the movement, he said there are ‘processed food industrial giants that are going to makes lots of money by you continuing to rely upon more heavily processed food’.

He adds: “There are different players in this. One group are the vegans. For the most part, what I would suggest, is just ignore them. Don’t engage with them individually. Individually, it’s like talking to a cow. There’s nothing you can say that will change their minds because they are mindless drones. They’ve been brainwashed to believe some really poor evidence and science about health for sure, about the environment as well.

“They will sit there and quote studies that are extremely one-sided, they don’t tell all the facts, they lie, they cheat, they will do anything they can to get across their religious dogma, so the best thing to do is ignore them, don’t comment on them, block them all…they are a lost cause until their health fails and then they will come around.”

‘Meat is a health food’

Baker adds that the ‘processed food vegan agenda’ has been ‘going on for years’ – saying it is having a disturbing effect citing co-working space giant WeWork ditching meat and discussions around a meat tax as evidence. He finishes his video with a call to action – imploring viewers to support people who are trying to make videos, blogs, podcasts and films to counter the vegan message.

He concludes: “If you care about your children, if you don’t want them to be sent to a school where they don’t have the option to eat nourishing food like meat in their diet, then you need to be active. You need to be aggressive. The time is now. Passivity is over. We need to act in an aggressive – non-violent but vocal way – to pound home a strong counter message…

“Meat is a health food, if we get it taken away from us it will only result in the suffering of people. It will only result in damage to the planet. We need those animals on the planet; they play a unique role in the ecology of the planet. Do we need to improve how that’s done? Yes we do, but we cannot take them completely off the menu.”


Baker also took to Instagram to continue the rant, writing: “For those that take offence to some of the stuff I post, and think I should always take the high road – news flash – the f*cking bullsh*tting, lying, guilt causing, worthless sack of sh*t vegans and their processed food paylords will do anything and say anything to win- and guess what? 

“They are fucking winning and it’s because you and I sit around and think ‘the truth will prevail’ or some other nonsense fairy tale! It’s a God damn war for the future whether you like it or not.

“If that truth offends you then fine, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. I only want warriors anyway. Step up or go home!”

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