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A top farming boss has labelled the Februdairy campaign ‘counterproductive’.

The campaign, led by ‘livestock sustainability expert’ Dr. Jude Capper encouraged dairy farmers to promote their product by spreading ‘positive’ messages about the industry. But vegans have hijacked the hashtag.

Speaking at The National Farming Union’s [NFU] annual conference in Glasgow, NFU Scotland’s president, Andrew McCornick said the initiative wasn’t necessarily a good idea.


He added: “I just feel it adds fuel to the fire, and opens dairy farmers, in particular, to more criticism, and it ends up being counter productive.

“I think what we really want to be doing is looking at the real figures of how many people are actually vegan, and how many people actually stick with it, that’s what I really want to know, because it is not an easy choice.”

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McCornick believes ‘promoting the benefits of eating meat and dairy’ would be better because it would ‘allow people to make that decision themselves’.

He claimed: “That has already happened, because many sporting figures now drink milk, as opposed to orange juice, at half-time during sporting events.

“Overall, I think it’s a bit of a fashion, and we should just let them get on with it. But, for me, I believe we were given our teeth for a reason – to consume and enjoy meat.”


Dr. Capper has come in for criticism over her handling of Februdairy.

Despite encouraging industry professionals not to block social media users (at the risk of appearing ‘rattled’), she recently went on a blocking spree, which inspired the hashtag #blockedbybovida (her Twitter handle).

Some users have claimed they were blocked before even engaging with Dr. Capper.

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