Farmer Brands Vegan Activists ‘Lawless, Unprincipled, Irritating Extremists’


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Australian farmer Martin Bella (Photo: FAcebook/Martin Bella) - Media Credit:

An Australian farmer has branded vegan activists ‘lawless, unprincipled, irritating extremists’ following recent animal rights protests across the country, according to a report by NewsHub.

The actions earlier this month, which marked the one-year anniversary of the Australian farmer Martin Bellarelease of pro-vegan documentary Dominion, included protests outside slaughterhouses in areas across the country including Corio, Pakenham, Toowoomba, and Bacchus Marsh among other locations. In addition, campaigners brought Melbourne to a standstill, blocking traffic at one of the biggest intersections in the city center while holding signs saying ‘you have been lied to; watch Dominion’ and ‘this is a peaceful protest’.

Now according to some reports, tensions between the farming community and vegans are running high, leading farmer and former Australian league player, Martin Bella – who fronts the lobby group ‘Green Shirts’ – to make an anti-vegan video.

Carrot and sausage

In the video, Bella creates an analogy using a carrot and sausage to express his feelings, saying the carrot represents the vegan activist community – which he separates from vegans.

“These are people who make a dietary choice and don’t try and impose that choice on the rest of the country,” he says, adding that a group of people he calls ‘luvies’ are lawless, unprincipled, vegan, irritating extremists’ causing problems.

He said that the sausage and carrot ‘go well and compliment each other, each has its place and it’s no big deal’ – but that the contingent represented by the carrot are the problem.

Dominion exposes the horror of animal agriculture

Vegan protests

In the 48 hours following the protests, Dominion was viewed 55,000 times – with Google searches for the film and the word ‘vegan’ spiking in Australia.

Speaking on television, Dominion director Chris Delforce said he wanted anyone ‘who felt angered or inconvenienced today to watch the film Dominion or at least watch just two minutes of gas chamber footage from inside pig slaughterhouses’.

“That’s how most pigs in Australia are killed,” he added. “If you watch that footage you will understand why we had to be there today. The simple fact is that what’s happening to animals on farms and in slaughterhouses is intentionally hidden from consumers, but we believe they have the right to know.

“We believe this industry needs to be more transparent so consumers can make informed choices about what they want to support because we think most consumers are opposed to animal cruelty.”

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