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Activists who occupy farms in Australia will face harsher penalties under new Australian laws that have been introduced to parliament.

The country’s Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, has promised people who trespass on farms would be fined up to $12,600 or even face jail time.

‘A threat’

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce, who described trespassing as ‘a threat’, told Sky News Australia: “These instances of people putting on the internet people’s private details for the obvious purpose of inciting other people to invade their private property have got to be barred. They’ve got to be barred by law.

“If we were to say this is where all the vegans live in a certain town, or this is where the vegan supermarkets are – indisputably, behind that, is a threat.”


Morrison has criticized animal-rights activist as being ‘shameful’ and ‘un-Australian’ in the past, after dozens of demonstrators were arrested during nationwide protests – when more than 100 activists blocked one of Melbourne’s main intersections.

“This is just another form of activism that I think runs against the national interest, and the national interest is [farmers] being able to farm their own land,” he said to radio station 2GB.

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