Reading Time: < 1 minute ?Prince Khaled changed his health on a plant-based diet
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Passionate animal rights activist and environmentalist Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed has revealed his reasons for going vegan in this exclusive video for Plant Based News.

The Prince – who is a partner in PBN – spoke about how being overweight led him to an animal-free diet.

He said: “I was being pushed by doctors to take this pill and that pill for the rest of my life, then I went plant-based and lost 25-30kg…it really opened my eyes. The future is plant-based.”

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Making the world better

During the interview, Khaled spoke about family, saying: “I was very lucky to grow up with a father like mine – very affluent, obviously a philanthropist, and clearly blessed to be one of the most successful businessmen in the world.

“That really helped shape who I am in terms of working and striving to be the best at my passion and in my field. Thankfully my passion and field is not in finance or investment banking.

“It’s in making the world better.”

You canwatch the full interview on YouTube here

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