Vegan Star Evanna Lynch Launches Festive Plant Based Treat Baskets

Vegan Star Evanna Lynch Launches Festive Plant Based Treat Baskets


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Evanna Lynch is a passionate advocate for veganism (Photo: YouTube) - Media Credit:
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Vegan star Evanna Lynch has teamed up with animal rights charity PETA to launch a festive gift basket.

The basket, which Lynch has curated in collaboration with PETA’s youth division – peta2 – contains a number of different items.

Playing on Lynch’s famous role as Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter film franchise, the gift has a magic theme.

The peta2 gift basket’s contents (Photo: peta2)
The peta2 gift basket’s contents (Photo: peta2)


According to peta2: “This limited- edition, Evanna-created holiday gift basket will help you relax with a hot chocolate mix and cruelty-free bath bomb, and you can snack on almond butter caramel cups, chocolate frogs, and more. 

“Deck the halls while wearing a ‘Vegans Are Magical’ tee and a PETA bunny necklace. There’s something for everyone in this basket. Make the holidays magical this year: Celebrate compassionately by going vegan!”

Lynch previously teamed up with peta2 to film this recipe video


Evanna Lynch said: “These enchanting offerings are proof of magic—vegan magic.

“My friends at PETA and I encourage everyone to cast a compassionate spell for animals this holiday season by eating and shopping vegan.”

The gift basket, which costs $59.99 is available now from thePETA Catalog


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