Reading Time: < 1 minute The first episodes of the podcast are available now (Photo: The Chickpeeps)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Iconic actor and vegan activist Evanna Lynch has launched a vegan podcast called The Chickpeeps.

The podcast, which has been in the pipeline for almost a year, has now launched online, you can currently listen to episodes 0 and 1.


Lynch is working alongside three vegan co-hosts – fellow actor Robbie Jarvis, ocean conservation enthusiast Momoko Hill, and vegan activist Tylor Starr.

Speaking about her co-hosts, the actor previously said: “I feel like we just have a good mix of voices there and they’re all really nice people as well, which was important to me.”

The team behind the podcast (Photo: The Chickpeeps)

Finally recording

Episode 0 introduces the listeners to the podcast’s hosts, discussing their vegan stories.

(Spoiler alert: you will learn something surprising about Lynch’s history with slugs…)

Introducing the episode, she says: “I’m so excited to be recording – finally.”


Lynch has said she hopes to explore the unanswered questions she still has around veganism as she records the podcast.

The co-hosts are set to examine a number of issues – from questions of how to handle guilt as a new vegan, to issues around society’s perceptions of masculinity and eating animals.

You can find out more –and listen to The Chickpeeps – here


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