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Europeans have been urged to slash their meat consumption by 71 percent by 2030, and then a further ten percent by 2050, in a bid to mitigate the negative effects of animal agriculture on the planet. 

Environmental organization Greenpeace has also called for Europeans to consume no more than 300g of meat a week in the next three decades. 

‘Ecological crisis’

According to Euro News, Agriculture and Forest Campaigner at Greenpeace Sini Eräjää said: “Globally, to control the current ecological crisis we are facing, we would need to cut by half until 2050. But in Europe, because we consume more globally, we would need to cut more.

“The science is overwhelming at this stage – overconsumption of meat and dairy is wrecking forests, crushing nature and heating the planet.

‘Ensure food security’

Greenpeace states reducing meat consumption to 24kg per person per year by 2030, and then to 16kg per person per year by 2050, would help ‘ensure food security’ and keep the Paris Agreement on track. 

“The [European] Commission wants to talk about ensuring healthy, affordable food produced in a sustainable way? Great idea, but that means it’s time to talk about reducing meat,” Eräjää added. 

Liam Giliver

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