MPs Vow To End Animal Agriculture Ahead Of COP26

MPs Vow To End Animal Agriculture Ahead Of Global Climate Change Conference, COP26


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MPs vow to end animal agriculture in plant-based push The government is facing further calls to advocate plant-based diets - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission.
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A group of UK MPs from cross-parties are calling for an end to animal agriculture ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference aka COP26 next month.

Fourteen politicians signed an early day motion, with a view to encouraging plant-based diets in order to help the environment.

MPs vow to end animal agriculture

Among the MPs calling for change are Caroline Lucas, twice leader of the Green Party, and John McDonnell.

The motion reads: “This House welcomes the Plant-Based Treaty aiming to put food systems at the heart of combating the climate crisis by encouraging a shift to healthier and sustainable plant-based diets, while simultaneously working to reverse the damage to ecosystems and biodiversity.

“And, calls on the government to use COP26 in Glasgow as an opportunity to be a world leader in recognizing the negative impact of industrial animal agriculture on climate change and commit to developing a global strategy to transition towards more sustainable plant-based food systems.”

The proposal supports the Plant-Based Treaty initiative, which aims to combat the climate crisis by making changes to our food system. Launched last month, it’s dubbed to be an extension of the Paris Agreement. 

Labour MP Emma Lewell-Buck said the motion marks a ‘hugely important issue’, whether you’re vegan or not.

‘We cannot allow the planet to heat up above 1.5 Celsius by 2050 and must look how we can achieve net-zero by then’, added Wera Hobhouse.

COP26 urged to go plant-based

It’s not the first time the UK government has been pressed to advocate plant-based diets in light of the climate crisis.

Prime minister Boris Johnson has directly faced calls to make COP26 entirely plant-based. And, celebrities and environmentalists have petitioned president Alok Sharma to ensure no meat or dairy is on offer at the event 

Moreover, many organizations say it provides the ideal opportunity for the country to set a ‘global example’ on saving the planet.

You can find out more about the Plant-Based Treaty here

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