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The Dalai Lama will discuss the climate crisis with teen activist Greta Thunberg in an upcoming event. 

The duo will address the question ‘what can be done to slow down this threat before it’s too late?’ on January 9, 2021.

The Livestream, hosted by the Mind & Life Insitute, is free to join and will be moderated by Diana Chapman Walsh, Senior Advisor to Stanford University’s Center for Innovation in Global Health. 

‘Devastating impact’

“The Dalai Lama speaks to the urgent need for climate action in his new book Our Only Home: A Climate Appeal to the World in which he praises Greta Thunberg and other young climate activists for their determination to bring about positive change,” the event’s website states

“The Livestream event will highlight recent scientific findings, the ethical imperative of taking action, and what we can do collectively to slow, halt, and even reverse the devastating impact of climate feedback loops.”

An ‘urgent responsibility’

Earlier this year, The Dalai Lama said in a Facebook post that we have an ‘urgent responsibility’ to protect wildlife and the environment.

“The destruction of nature and wildlife populations is a result of ignorance, greed, and lack of respect for the earth’s living things,’ the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader penned.

“Our actions affect others. We human beings are the only species with the power to destroy the natural world as we know it. 

“Yet, if we have such a capacity for destruction, so, too, do we have the capacity to protect wildlife and the environment – we have an urgent responsibility to do so.”

You can register for the virtual event here

Liam Giliver

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