An opinion piece in the LA Times informed millions of readers that switching to a more plant-based diet would be beneficial to the environment, as beef production in the US is 'killing the planet' The beef industry is fighting against growing popularity for plant-based diets - Media Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

Beef Is ‘Killing The Planet’, Reads Major News Outlet


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Beef production in the US is harmful to the environment. And, it should be replaced more often with plant-based alternatives, an opinion piece in the Los Angeles Times read.

The journalist informed the news outlet’s readership of 1.3 million that switching to a more plant-based diet would make a ‘meaningful contribution’ to climate change.

Plant-based popularity

The article quoted research professor Gidon Eshel, who claimed more consumers are accepting plant-based alternatives.

This is in line with growing concerns for the environment, he said.

Eshel added: “If you want to make a simple change to your diet to protect the environment, there’s nothing you can do that comes anywhere close to forgoing beef.”

Americans are big beef consumers and that’s ‘not going to change any time soon’, the article continued. But, now that consumers bear witness to the climate crisis there is a ‘new urgency’ across the country.

Animal agriculture

The animal agriculture industry ‘appears to be trying to obfuscate’ the environmental impact of beef production, the article added.

A study backed by the US animal agriculture industry claimed otherwise. In it, consumers preferred animal produce over plant-based in economic terms.

The industry was ‘giving consumers permission to avoid dietary changes’. They do this by perceiving eating meat as not as serious as ‘pesky tree huggers might be saying’, the article claimed.

However, the article also included quotes from another researcher who claimed animal agriculture is not ‘the climate villain’ that most people think.

Other studies prove overwhelming evidence that animal agriculture is one of the leading producers of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate change

“I won’t be a card-carrying vegan anytime soon.

“But, if replacing one burger a month with a plant-based alternative is all it takes to make a meaningful contribution to fighting climate change, yeah, I can do that.

“Besides, the way plant-based meat products have been steadily improving, it probably won’t be long before we can’t tell the difference anyhow”, the article concluded.

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1 year ago

Plant based fake meat is extremely pricey and the only way it tastes remotely meaty is by grilling it. Until white, left-leaning elitists target China and India, as they are the worst polluters, you have no right to ask the West to do more than it does now. I am done forking over money while rich elitists like John Kerry continue the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ hypocrisy shuffle.

Rowland Ross
Rowland Ross
1 year ago

It’s not the animal it’s the way we rear it. I’m afraid this goes down as another case of simplistic meat vilification, Interesting that little is mentioned of the problems that occur with industrial arable agriculture ( 8% to 10% GHG emissions, deforestation, soil erosion, water course pollution, loss of wildlife, insects etc. ) perhaps we could balance things out a bit more?

1 year ago

I wouldn’t even waste my time checking your lies as it shown recently that agriculture greenhouse gasses is 10% and the 40% was a mistake and possibly an international lie.

Even if it was true, optimization are always possible while enjoying real meat.

Mena Martin
Mena Martin
1 year ago

I have been a vegan now for 4months. I feel so much better within myself. And to save all animals.

Veg 4Ever
Veg 4Ever
1 year ago

All the concern is for the environment and good health but the articles don’t mention about animal welfare. Animals are raised and slaughtered cruelly from the egg, meat, dairy and fish industries. Meat eaters are no different than cannibals, it’s just the degree that’s all flesh is flesh whether it comes from a human or animal

1 year ago

Whilst it would be great if we could eat less meat as a society, even if we switched out beef for chicken in meals where it doesn’t matter so much, that would make a difference for the planet. It is also something that requires very little change. Of course, I’m not denying that plant-based alternatives are a better option for the environment and animal welfare though.

1 year ago

I’m vegan since 2020. Never more dairy products and meat.

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