Reading Time: 2 minutes JBS was linked to Amazon deforestation last year Credit: Vivera
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Europe’s third-largest protein producer, Vivera, was bought by Brazilian meat giant JBS in a whopping €341 million deal.

It marks a boost in JBS’s plant-based product portfolio. This is despite claims the company has been involved in Amazon deforestation in the past.

Global protein production

Part of the deal includes three manufacturing units. It also includes a research and development center in The Netherlands.

According to JBS CEO Gilberto Tomazoni, the acquisition is ‘an important step’ in strengthening the company’s global plant-based protein platform.

Moreover, Tomazoni added: “Vivera will give JBS a stronghold in the plant-based sector, with technological knowledge and capacity for innovation.”

JBS is the world’s second-biggest food company. Moreover, it is the largest in animal protein with over 245,000 employees. It stretches over Brazil, the US, Canada, Australia, China, and the UK.

According to Vivera, JBS will manage the company as a ‘standalone business unit’.

Moreover, it will also keep the current leadership team in place.

Vivera growth

Vivera CEO Willem van Weede said: ‘Joining forces with JBS gives us access to significant resources and capabilities’, which will help ‘accelerate our current strong growth trajectory’.

Moreover, this will allow Vivera to expand.

Current products in Vivera’s collection include Southern Fried Plant Nuggets, Jumbo Plant Dogs, Plant Mince, and Greek Style, among others.

In addition, they’re available in over 27,000 supermarkets in 25 European countries.

Amazon deforestation

Animal agriculture has been blamed for causing Amazon deforestation. This includes land cleared for cattle ranching Credit: Adobe. Do not use without permission

JBS claims it focuses on high quality in its products. Secondly, it says it adheres to ‘best sustainability and animal welfare practices’.

However, the company has been tied to Amazon deforestation in the past.

Moreover, it faced five allegations over illegal deforestation in 2020 alone.

This was after a slew of environmentalists and news outlets blamed the infamous Amazon fires on beef farming.

You can find out more about Vivera here

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