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Earthling Ed’s TEDx talk on veganism is now available to watch online on TED’s YouTube channel, which has over 12 million subscribers.

The activist, whose real name is Ed Winters, was invited to Lund University in Sweden to deliver a talk on veganism back in January, describing the opportunity as an ‘incredible’ honor.

Challenging dominant paradigms

On Instagram stories, Winters announced the speech was live, saying: “I tried to talk about a broad range [of subjects] so I talk a lot about the hidden truth in the dairy, things that consumers simply aren’t aware of, but I also talk about the need to challenge dominant paradigms and how important change throughout history and indeed into the future will always come about by people challenging what’s seen as normal.

“So I really hope that resonates with you and that you like the talk in general.”

Dog meat farms

The TEDx talk, titled ‘The Ostrich Effect: The truth we hide from ourselves’, begins with Winters describing his visit to a Southeast Asian dog meat farm where he witnessed ‘dogs with their tails cut off, their teeth cut out, and their ears mutilated’.

“As I continued to wander through the farm, I saw a recurring pattern, a theme of dogs with deep lacerations, open wounds, and bloody sores. They had been caused by the other dogs who had, from their extreme bordem, frustration, and even insanity, chosen to attack and cannibalize the other dogs,” Winters recalls.

Liam Giliver

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