Reading Time: < 1 minute Ed spoke to protestors at the event (Photo: YouTube/Earthling Ed)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Vegan activist Earthling Ed took to the streets of London to speak to protestors marching at the recent Global Climate Strike On September 20.

In this video, he shares some of the conversations he had with protestors, discussing how our individual habits can hurt the planet. 

‘Vegan for the animals and the planet’

There is a growing body of evidence to show that ditching meat, dairy, and eggs is the single biggest step an individual can take to lessen their impact on the planet.

“I believe in individual responsibility and individual liability,” Ed says in the video. “So I’m going to engage in some conversations with some people, and ask them about why there are here, but also ask them what we can do as individuals to help alleviate the damage caused by climate change. 

“[I’ll] hopefully encourage people to go vegan for the animals and for the planet as well.”

‘I don’t love the environment THAT much’

The first group Ed speaks to are young college-goers, who tell him they are at the event because they ‘want to stop global warming, because global warming is bad’.

When Ed asks discusses going vegan to reduce their impact, one member of the group says: “I love meat. I could never. I love food. I love the environment but I don’t love the environment that much…I’ll be dead one day.”

Ed asks: “So why are you here with that logic then?”

He responds: “I still want to save the environment.”

Maria Chiorando

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