Reading Time: < 1 minute The documentary has been slammed by livestock farmers (Photo: Channel 4 / Twitter)
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Channel 4’s latest documentary Apocalypse Cow says animal agriculture is killing the planet.

Presented by acclaimed journalist and activist George Monbiot, the documentary, which aired on January 8, calls for livestock farming to be eradicated and replaced by factories making ‘farm-free food’.

‘The biggest problem driving us towards global disaster is how we feed ourselves, particularly on meat,” the film’s description reads.

‘Unfair vilification’

Following its release, farming groups have slammed the documentary for ‘unfair vilification’, claiming livestock farming is a ‘relatively small producer of greenhouse gas emissions’.

Monbiot, who live-tweeted scientific statements in the program, was also booed at the Oxford Real Farming Conference (ORFC) following the documentary’s debut.

‘Farm-free foods’

“I felt it was my duty to turn up and explain what I believe climate breakdown will do to farming, and why farmfree foods are likely to be essential,” he said.

“I’ve spent my working life telling people what they don’t want to hear, so I’m accustomed to receptions like this. But I don’t think shooting the messenger is going to help farmers understand and face what is coming.

“In fairness, there was also a good amount of applause, and some people were ORFC for inviting me to speak.”

You can watch Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet on catchup here

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