Dragon's Den Star Deborah Meaden Joins Campaign Against Boiling Lobsters Alive

Dragon’s Den Star Deborah Meaden Joins Campaign Against Boiling Lobsters Alive


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Deborah Meaden is 'moving towards veganism' (Photo: BBC) - Media Credit:
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Dragon’s Den star, Deborah Meaden, has joined the Crab Welfare campaign, urging her followers to refrain from eating lobsters and crabs while it’s still legal for them to be ‘dismembered and boiled alive‘.

The campaign aims to include crustaceans in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 – meaning that basic animal welfare rules must be abided during the farming, storing, and slaughtering process.

In 2018, the petition, which has now exceeded 45,600, signatures, was sent to Michale Gove. But Crab Welfare has urged people to keep sharing and signing the petition to ‘keep the pressure up’.

‘Protect them from the horrors’

Meaden tweeted: “If you are horrified as I am that it is entirely legal to dismember and boil lobsters and crabs alive… taking them up to three mins to die in agony…. then please follow @crab_welfare and sign the petition to protect them from the horrors. Thank you.”

Vegan charity, PETA, replied to Meaden’s tweet, adding: “What we do to lobsters is so cruel! Amazon should also stop allowing live lobsters to be sold [and] posted through its site.”

She replied: “Seriously? Our total disregard for other life is pretty damning for our souls.”

The Tweet also received criticism from vegans – pointing out that ‘in an ideal world animals shouldn’t be killed at all never mind stunned’. To which Meaden responded: “Yes… but in the meantime…”


Earlier this year, Meaden revealed she was ‘moving towards veganism’ on an episode of Dragon’s Den when she declined to invest in the business because the products contained animal derivatives.

“You say [the products] are halal – so which are the animal derivatives? I’m moving personally towards veganism. And that’s not just because I’m moving towards veganism – because I still eat dairy – but also the market is also growing in veganism. You want someone on board who is going ‘yeah!’ and I just don’t feel that. I won’t be investing – I’m out.”

Since then, Meaden announced that she has ‘vastly reduced’ her meat intake and told her Twitter followers: “I stopped eating Fish and Crustaceans when I began to think about what we do to them.”

You can sign the petition here

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