Reading Time: < 1 minute The vegan singer-songwriter has spoken out about music as an activism tool (Photo: Macka B Facebook)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

British reggae artist Macka B, whose real name is Christopher MacFarlane, has launched a new album titled Health Is Wealth.

The album, which covers topics including nutrition, social commentary, and culture, features the viral ‘Cucumba‘ song.

Talking to Plant Based News, the 51-year-old singer-songwriter, who currently has 20 albums under his belt, described music as a very powerful medium for vegan activism.

Powerful medium

Health Is Wealth – which was also crafted by producers from Jamaica, Japan, Germany, and UK – encourages individuals to eat healthily, and also raises awareness of social issues including slavery.

“Music is a very powerful medium,” Macka B told PBN. “You can say things in music that normally would turn people off in a conversation. 

“But if you say it within a musical form, it breaks down a lot of bias that people have.”


He adds: “With the message of veganism, I find that people are really switched off, and they’ll fight against it. 

“I take a different, positive approach: ‘You know these fruits and vegetables? You know how good they are for you?’ and I put that in a musical way, and people gravitate towards it.”

MacFarlane, a vegan for over 17 years, clarified that while everyone has a different method of spreading the vegan message, he wants to emphasize that entertainment can also be a powerful tool.

The singer, who also has a range of superfoods available, will be touring the UK starting October 7.

You can purchase the albumhere


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