Reading Time: < 1 minute The singer calls herself vegetarian (Photo: Facebook)
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Celeb Brad Paisley has called fellow country singer Carrie Underwood a ‘weirdo vegan’.

As the duo is preparing to host the Country Music Awards (CMA) show for the tenth year together, Paisley has labeled Underwood’s lunch as for a ‘weirdo vegan’.

Taking to social media to post a picture of the label, Underwood – who is a vegetarian, but tries to eat vegan most days – said: “Meeting at @bradpaisley’s place for the upcoming #CMAAwards … he had lunch brought in and wanted to make sure I knew which one was mine.

“Both words are an accurate description.”


Underwood has admitted that she finds cheese difficult to resist.

“I’ll have spells where I have no dairy, and I’m good, I’m great, I feel good,” she told Buzzfeed

“But it makes me feel bad, too. I don’t know why I do it, but that’s kind of my Kryptonite.”

The 2017 CMA Awards will air on November 8 on ABC.


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