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TV presenter and vegan advocate Chris Packham has warned that the coronavirus (Covid 19) outbreak could set back efforts in tackling the climate crisis.

The environmentalist, who was named in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list for services to nature conservation, said the current pandemic will impact many things, including the ‘natural world’.

‘A terrible time’

In an interview with the BBC, Packham said: “If this turns out to be an enforced break in dealing with these issues and we lose the impetus we have gained, that could set us back years. Climate change isn’t going away.”

“This will be a difficult and terrible time but we have to come out of it having learned lessons and changing our practices.

“We will ask ourselves about how we do business and social interactions – do we need as many jets in the sky? We can’t allow ourselves to be this vulnerable again.”

‘Engage in nature’

Packham did, however, say the outbreak could give some wildlife a ‘respite’ and provided an opportunity for people to ‘engage in nature’.

“No planes overhead, so pollution will dropdown,” he added while pointing up to the sky.

You can watch the full interview here

Liam Giliver

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