Lab Meat Continues To Spark Debate Among Vegans

Lab Meat Continues To Spark Debate Among Vegans


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Lab meat requires cells from animals, which can involve slaughter - Media Credit:
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Lab meat, also known as cultured or bio meat, continues to spark controversy among the vegan community.

Cultured meat is grown in a laboratory using animal cells, which is not entirely slaughter-free – thus prompting fierce debate between vegans.

While some support the concept, many vegans are completely against it.

‘All for it’

Facebook user Ian Parker is ‘all for it’, saying: “It’s NOT aimed at those of us who know the health challenges of consuming animal products, but rather those than cannot give up the meat, fish and dairy drug.”

Another argued that “Anything which will have the meatheads eating less murdered animals is a good thing.”

The majority of vegans agree that although they wouldn’t eat the lab meat themselves, it’s also a means to an end. “I would never eat this lab meat, but I hope this becomes the mainstream amongst meat eaters,” commented Robin Jagoda.

Adam Stallings also believes in the importance of cultured meat: “This will be the only method to significantly reduce animal cruelty and its damages to the climate/environment.”


User Carol Nico, however, believes the opposite: “Disgusting… for me it’s like creating fake children for pedophiles in order to save some real children lives and to make good profits.

“The world won’t change if we keep seeing and treating BODIES as food. It’s time to turn the page and let this cruel culture and all this unnecessary violence behind.”

Another Facebook user added: “Even if slaughter isn’t involved, we do not need animals for any reason other than companionship.”

“Still gross… still unhealthy, still unnecessary. Money and resources could be going towards other things,” Stephanie Sierks chipped in.


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