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British vegan collective Heartcure and vegan website Pig Out Zine are hosting an event to address the connection between veganism and feminism.

The event, called ‘Kick-ass women: making the world more ethical’ will take place at Yellow Arch Studios in Sheffield on March 11, 12-5pm.

According to organizers: “Featuring talks on motherhood and the dairy industry, self-care for vegans, and food as activism, the event will celebrate women in the vegan movement.

“As well as talks, guests can expect a range of stalls and vegan food from Burgerlolz, Numinums and Rawkus cakes.”


Pig Out Zine’s Laura said: “As the cruelty of the dairy industry gains more and more exposure, it feels like an important time to highlight the links between veganism and feminism.

“It’s our aim to show how animal rights and women’s rights aren’t two separate issues.

“The day will be focused on women in the vegan movement, but of course we welcome everyone regardless of gender or dietary choice.”

Heartcure’s co-founder Georgia added: “The event will be a great opportunity to address the work of some incredible women making great change for females both human and animal.”


Tickets for the event cost £5 and can be purchased on the door or as an e-ticket. Under 12s go free.

All money from ticket sales will help fund the campaign to open Heartcure Collective – vegan social centre and there will also be a raffle (to help support the work of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary) with prizes from vegan businesses.

For more information contact Laura at or Georgia at

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