Reading Time: < 1 minute The veggie comedian is cooking vegan food on his Facebook page (Photo: Preacher Lawson Instagram)
Reading Time: < 1 minute

America’s Got Talent finalist Preacher Lawson has been sharing vegan recipes with his audience on Facebook.

In a series titled ‘Cooking with a comedian’, Lawson – who says he’s vegetarian – prepared vegan fried chicken and plant-based sushi in a number of Facebook videos.

The comedian has made it to the grand final of America’s Got Talent, and is a front runner to win.


Although it’s unclear whether Lawson is now a vegan, he is encouraging his followers to give the plant-based recipes a try.

The breakout star from this year’s America’s Got Talent has some vegan tell tale signs: amazing energy, incredible-looking skin – and he shares vegan recipes on Facebook in his spare time.

The TV show’s final will be airing later this week.


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