Reading Time: < 1 minute Gordon Ramsay has often said he hates vegans (Photo: gordonramsaysubmissions)
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Famously anti-vegan chef Gordon Ramsey has left many people shocked after sharing a post on Twitter saying: “Going to give this vegan thing a try. Yes guys, you heard that right. Gx.”

The tweet featured an image of a cheeseless pizza, topped with tomato, mushroom, pine nuts and pesto – one of the dishes at Ramsay’s newest restaurant Pizza Street.


Ramsay has often spoken out about how much he hates vegans. Earlier this year, an anti-vegan joke he made went viral.

A tweet that was retweeted more than 43,000 times, said: “I’m a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals….”

But he received short shrift online. Animal rights charity PETA soon jumped in to respond, saying: “Oh dear, Gordon. We’ve heard that old line before.

“A real ‘hell’s kitchen’ is full of corpses and secretions from artificially inseminated, castrated, and routinely abused animals.”


Many people have suggested that the post is a marketing ploy to advertise the vegan pizza at his newest restaurant Street Pizza.

The column inches the savvy chef has garnered suggests this is the case.

But one social media user said this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, writing: “Even if he’s just put a vegan pizza on the menu – doesn’t that mean he’s now catering for (and therefore accepting) vegans?”

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