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Vegan charity Animal Justice Project, who work in partnership with The Save Movement, are touring universities across the UK with a six-foot chicken Mascot named Lucy to promote a plant-based diet

The organization will show its undercover footage from free-range chicken farms, which was shared by a plethora of major news outlets. 


The tour started at University of Gloucester Freshers Fayre on Wednesday and hit University of Oxford yesterday – before moving to Birmingham, Reading, Nottingham, Wolverhampton, and Lincoln over the next two weeks. 

Activists are displaying ‘thought-provoking’ props, asking students questions about the industry to test their knowledge, and offering a ‘chicken’ noodle broth using king oyster mushrooms created by the Sarno brothers.

‘A big hit’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Animal Justice Project Campaigner, Ayrton Cooper, said: “Our Life of Lucy tour is an innovative, two week event which will provide a great opportunity to reach out to thousands of people and ask them to be compassionate to animals but with a focus on chickens – arguably the most exploited animal in the world. 

“Our tasty vegan broth was well received at the University of Gloucester and Oxford University this week. We are sure will be a big hit with the students around the country and we hope our props and footage will encourage them to leave animals off their plate altogether.”