Reading Time: < 1 minute In 2019, the star slammed the meat industry following the Fair Oaks farm investigation Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Celebrity actor Daniel Newman, best known for his appearance on The Walking Dead, has credited a vegan diet for his shredded physique. 

The Eastsiders star posted a topless selfie to his 536,000 Instagram followers captioned ‘#VEGAN BODY!!’

Daniel Newman

Newman regularly uses his platform to promote plant-based products. Last year he posted a video about Impossible Foods’ retail debut.

He wrote: “Sooooo YUMMM!!! All the protein without the fat or cholesterol. The best meat!”

‘Vegan Body!’

‘Anyone curious to go vegan?’

Moreover, on Instagram, Newman posted a picture of Gardein’s vegan meat products.

“Yum!!! Is anyone CURIOUS to go Vegan? I hear it’s hard to give up meat. Well.. now it’s Delicious!” the star said.

“All the Gardein Meats are so amazing at your grocery store or Amazon and the Impossible Burgers taste 100 percent like real BURGERS. Check out all the Chicken, Beef, fish, like Mandarin Orange Crispy Plant-Based Chick’n.”

Meat industry

Last year, Newman also posted a video to Twitter of the Fair Oaks farm investigation – which garnered global media attention. The video shows horrific abuse of dairy calves.

“This is Why I’m vegan,” he wrote. “I will not pay the meat industry $ to do this to innocent animals. Gardein tastes better anyways.”

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