Reading Time: 1 minute Salman Khan promoted Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh's plant-based meat brand, Imagine Meats, on the Big Boss stage. Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: 1 minute

Hit actor and Bollywood star Salman Khan urged millions of viewers of the Indian reality show, Big Boss.

The show has an estimated viewership of over 13 million and is in its 14th season.

‘Plant-based meat is the best form of protein’

On the finale episode of the latest season, the famed producer and television personality said: “Plant-based meat is the best form of protein.”

It is identical to chicken and lamb in flavor, he added. Moreover, he commended plant-based meat products for having ‘that non-vegetarian taste’.

Fellow Bollywood star Riteish Deshmukh promoted his new plant-based meat brand, Imagine Meats, on stage.

Deshmukh created the product with his wife Genelia. The pair wanted to help provide a meat alternative ‘without the guilt of environmental and public health impacts’.

Plant-based in India

Imagine Meats co-founder Riteish Deshmukh promoted his plant-based products on stage, alongside Khan

One Twitter user said the spotlight on plant-based meats was ‘huge’ in promoting plant-based meats in India. He predicted an ‘impending smart protein boom’ across the country and stressed its importance.

However, awareness is increasing. For example, just last month the Times Of India heralded the benefits of a plant-based diet. It did so in a double-page spread, highlighting the health improvements of a diet free from animals, and was met with a positive response.

Is Salman Khan vegan?

Salman Khan posts about his affinity for animals, but news reports indicate he is not vegan himself

Some reports claim Khan is a vegetarian, and he regularly posts photos displaying an affinity for animals on social media. He also shares images of a strict fitness regime.

However, according to a host of Indian news outlets, the star has been involved in poaching in the past.

This was after he killed an endangered species of Blackbuck, according to reports.

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