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Robbie Williams has returned to a plant-based diet after a health scare. His doctor warned his mercury levels were ‘sky-high’, according to reports.

The 46-year-old cut animal products from his diet after he received concerning test results at a recent health check-up.

Health scare

The Daily Star stated: “His recent check-up returned the highest mercury poisoning levels his doctor had ever seen.

“Rob guesses it was from fish but as a result, he’s now gone back to being plant-based again.”

Wasn’t he already vegan?

Williams went plant-based back in 2017 after he contracted a ‘mystery illness’.

The former Take That singer has been quiet on veganism since the reveal three years ago but had become ‘really health conscious‘.

He announced he was vegan on YouTube after being hospitalized and having to cancel several tour dates.

Singer Robbie Williams tells fans he is now vegan and enjoying a healthier way of living

His wife expressed that the star was ‘in a good place’ following his new diet.

In better health

The couple watched hit documentary What The Health and as a result, Williams ditched meat and started doing yoga every day.

He also quit smoking.

Changing diets

Simon Cowell joined Williams in adopting a plant-based diet for health reasons and claimed he had lost 60lbs and was feeling healthier.

The music mogul reintroduced animal products to his diet after breaking his back in a freak accident.

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