Piers Morgan riled after Pamela Anderson claims vegan diet boosts sex life The TV host regularly argues against veganism - Media Credit: Digitas

Piers Morgan Riled As Pamela Anderson Says Vegan Diet Boosts Sexual Performance

'Going vegan can help men of all ages boost their sexual performance and reduce the risk of prostate cancer at the same time'


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Baywatch star Pamela Anderson has riled TV host Piers Morgan, after saying a vegan diet can help boost sexual performance.

The actor appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss her Twitter thread, which made several health claims regarding veganism. 

‘Vegans make better lovers’

“Vegans make better lovers,” Anderson wrote. “The cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy causes hardening of the arteries (and not much else).

“It slows blood flow to all the body’s organs, not just the heart. You can improve your overall health and increase stamina in the bedroom by going vegan.

“A healthy body is a sexy body, and eating meat ISN’T healthy. It’s been linked to heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and obesity- which are major causes of erectile dysfunction.

“Going vegan can help men of all ages boost their sexual performance and reduce the risk of prostate cancer at the same time.”


Morgan responded to the claims, stating: “My problem with [veganism] is a lot of medical experts say that actually, a vegan diet is not that great for you.”

He also claimed that ‘missing out on meat’ can have a ‘detrimental effect on your general health and wellbeing’.

The TV host then derailed the conversation and branded vegans ‘hypocritical’ for consuming foods that mimic animal products such as almond milk.

‘You can improve your overall health and increase stamina in the bedroom by going vegan’.

Does a vegan diet boost one’s sex life?

Anderson is not the first celebrity to claim veganism improved their sex life. Last year, Australian comedian Dave Hughes revealed that switching to a vegan diet was a ‘game-changer in the bedroom’.

Hughes has been an advocate of vegetarian living for many years. But, it wasn’t until watching sports documentary The Game Changers that he ditched all animal products.

Speaking on his radio show, Hughesy And EdHughes reportedly said: “Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom.” He added: “There we go. I’m claiming it.”

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Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey
1 year ago

“you can eat as many eggs as you want”. That is a more shocking claim than the vegan erection claims.

John Westerdahl
John Westerdahl
1 year ago
Reply to  Tom Harvey

Actually, if you were to feed whole eggs to a vegan who has very low cholesterol (like around 150 mg/dl or less – which is common with healthy vegans who have no heredity/genetic issues that cause them to have higher levels of cholesterol), the eggs will actually raise their cholesterol. The fallacy with the cholesterol studies, where eggs did not raise cholesterol, is because the people eating eggs, are not vegan, but typical Americans who already have elevated cholesterol. In other words, they already have high cholesterol (over 200 mg/dl or more) so since they have the higher level of cholesterol, eating additional eggs may not do much to raise cholesterol significantly higher. But give them to a vegan with low cholesterol, then the vegan will see significant increases in blood cholesterol. Also, the best way to raise cholesterol in animals in many different animal studies, is to feed the animals egg yolks. Certain animals in these studies respond to significant increases in blood cholesterol and artery damage by feeding those egg yolks. — John Westerdahl, PhD, MPH, RDN, FAND

Tom Harvey
Tom Harvey
1 year ago

That is what I heard from the likes of Dr Greggor. Most people will trust their doctors advice (or some random doctor who happens to be a regular on a popular TV show). Serious reform is needed for GP’s and diet advice.