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Celebrity guitarist Philip Manansala has ‘dared’ his followers to try a plant-based diet for at least one month in 2021.

The Of Mice and Men star, who follows a plant-based diet, made the request to his 136,000 Twitter followers.

‘Go vegan’

“I dare anyone to go plant-based/ vegan for a month of the new year!” Manansala wrote.

“You might even like it and want to even try it for a longer time! I believe in you ok.”

‘I believe in you’

‘I might just do it’

The musician was inundated with responses from fans, many of which accepted the challenge. One social media user wrote: “I’ve been VERY much contemplating this! My girlfriend bought me a vegan crockpot cookbook and I’ve been wanting to give it a shot!”

Another wrote: “I’ve actually thought about that a lot this year so I might just do it next year.”

‘An interesting lifestyle change’

Manansala regularly posts plant-based dishes on social media including Beyond Meat burgers and chickpea tacos. He started his journey to veganism back in 2016 when he announced: “[I] haven’t eaten meat in a week! 

“I’m not vegan and I can’t call myself vegetarian yet but it is an interesting lifestyle change!”

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