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Acclaimed chef and television personality Marco Pierre White has spoken up for veganism since transforming his health and losing five stone.

The 60-year-old restauranteur, who owns abundant steakhouses across the UK, had an “amazing” nine months on a vegan diet.

He soon felt the benefits, revealing he had “a lot more energy” as a result.

Marco Pierre White

White also saw improved sleep and a sharper sense of smell. “I lost an enormous amount of weight,” he added in a recent interview with i news.

The switch came after he was inspired by his daughter and her friends -all of whom “rarely” eat animal products.

However, it wasn’t all positive, as White exclaimed he “never felt fulfilled” when he strayed away from animal products. “An hour later I was hungry,” he added in the interview.

But now, the Hell’s Kitchen star has launched a meat-free cookery course with BBC Maestro.

Across 25 lessons, White champions vegetarian dishes from mushroom risotto to truffled cauliflower cheese.

On the course, he explains: “Dishes which I may once have foolishly considered just the garnish on a plate have now become wholesome, spectacular, and delicious centerpieces.”

Making vegan moves

The nine-month trial doesn’t mark White’s initial foray into veganism, however. 

In fact, just a few months ago, the chef announced he will affix 3D-printed plant-based steaks to his restaurant menus.

Courtesy of Redefine Meat, the steak alternatives are made with cutting-edge technology. White said he was “mind-blown” when he tasted one, and keen to help people reduce their meat consumption.

According to reports, the vegan offerings will be on sale for the same price as beef steaks.

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