Made In Chelsea Star Verity Bowditch Debuts Vegan Restaurant: Clean Kitchen


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Made In Chelsea's Verity Bowditch opens vegan restaurant Clean Kitchen Verity Bowditch and Michael Pearce teamed up to launch the new restaurant in Camden - Media Credit: Instagram

Verity Bowditch, one of the stars of the reality show Made In Chelsea, is debuting a vegan restaurant in the city: Clean Kitchen.

The site opened in Camden, London yesterday.

Moreover, Bowditch’s business partner is former YouTube star, Michael Pearce.

Clean Kitchen

As well as being vegan, Clean Kitchen is dubbed to focus on sustainability too. Additionally, it hopes to become an ‘influencer favorite’ in the shipping containers on Camden’s Buck Street Market.

“I cannot wait to get this site open and change perceptions about vegan food”

Verity Bowditch

The business grew from a small delivery-only kitchen in Brighton. Now, it will serve açai bowls, juices and smoothies in the morning, and poké bowls, paninis and signature burgers after 12pm to 42 sit-down covers inside the market. It joins a handful of delivery-only locations across the capital.

Bowditch says the restaurant is one step closer to ‘clean living taking over the world’.

Bowditch hopes to bring veganism ‘to the mainstream’

In a statement sent to PBN, she added: “We were very selective when choosing where to launch our debut restaurant.

“And with sustainability at the forefront of Clean Kitchen, Buck Street Market provides the perfect location to grow our brand. 

“The destination itself embraces sustainability like no other and aligns seamlessly with our goals to become an entirely carbon neutral company.

“As well as our initiative to implement the UK’s first re-usable delivery system to support our zero-waste packaging strategy. We can’t wait to open.”

Verity Bowditch

With a lifetime passion for animal welfare, Verity Bowditch announced she wants to make veganism more ‘mainstream’.

Via Instagram, she added: “I cannot wait to get this site open and change perceptions about vegan food. 

“It’s not a vegan restaurant, it’s a restaurant where everything in it just happens to be vegan. Also… it’s bloody cool inside.”

The 25-year-old has previously spoken about being raised vegetarian since birth. Watching cows being milked near her rural Dorset home ‘didn’t sit right with me’, she revealed in an interview.

Veganism left her feeling ‘amazing’ and full of energy, she told Closer.

Made In Chelsea

At the launch of Clean Kitchen, Olivia Bentley, and Sophie Habboo, who feature on the show alongside Bowditch, also attended.

Moreover, the famous YouTube brothers Conor Maynard and Jack Maynard showed their support.

But Bowditch isn’t the first Made In Chelsea celebrity to open a vegan restaurant.

Co-stars and siblings, Lucy Watson and Tiffany Watson opened Tell Your Friends three years ago.

It came after Lucy launched a vegan cookbook, Feed Me Vegan, which features her journey to veganism.

You can find out more about Clean Kitchen here

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