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Former One Direction star Liam Payne revealed he ‘feels better’ for ditching meat, in an Instagram Live video screened to his more than 22 million followers.

The musician made the move to vegetarianism after watching some ‘rather scary’ programs on Netflix.

Liam Payne

In the live video, Payne answered questions from his fans. Whilst he admitted he’s abandoned meat, he said he still eats dairy.

The star said: “Recently I have gone – I don’t want to say vegan because I still like milk and cheese too much – but I’ve gone vegetarian at the moment which is a new one for me.”

Moreover, the singer is already seeing the health benefits. ‘I do feel better for it, I’ll be honest with you’, he added.

One Direction

The revelation makes Payne the second former One Direction band member to ditch meat.

It comes after Harry Styles made his own announcement in an interview last year, stating: ‘I don’t eat meat’.

The move was praised by Veganuary.


Liam Payne made a nod to become more sustainably-minded earlier this year.

Since watching the hit Netflix film, Seaspiracy, he said he felt ‘deeply disturbed’.

Moreover, in a video on YouTube, he said he’ll be ‘moving in a more sustainable way’.

Seaspiracy delves into the effect the fishing industry has on marine life, and has resulted in a plethora of celebrities and figures worldwide ditching fish. Among them are Kourtney Kardashian and Tessa Brooks.

Payne added: “I have to admit I hadn’t given it as much thought as I should have.”

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