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The renowned British television presenter Jonathan Ross announced he had his first vegan Christmas after a year on a plant-based diet alongside his wife, Jane Goldman.

The 60-year-old presenter revealed the news on the Christmas Eve special of the UK talk show, Loose Women.

‘To help save the planet’

Speaking on the panel, he said: “This year we went vegan, so this is my first year as vegans, me and Jane, to try and help save the planet.”

The couple gave up meat after Ross suggested they visit a vegetarian restaurant.

He also revealed that he has given up alcohol. Despite not eating meat himself, Ross said he will still be ‘the person in charge of the turkey’ as he is sober.

Jonathan Ross reveals he is vegan ‘for the planet’


During the interview on a video call from his home, Ross showed off a new puppy and said he is ‘so in love’.

Three years ago, the presenter shared a tweet with his followers which read: ‘No meat for me on Monday. Makes sense’.

Ross was invited on the show to discuss the release of the upcoming series of The Masked Singer.

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