Gordon Ramsay Lookalike Promotes Costa Vegan Bacon Bap On TikTok


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Gordon Ramsay lookalike hired to promote Costa's new vegan bacon bap 'I'm no expert but this is pretty f*cking good', impersonator Martin Jordan exclaims on Costa's TikTok - Media Credit: Instagram

A look-alike of the famous TV chef Gordon Ramsay has been hired by Costa Coffee to promote its new vegan bacon roll.

Impersonator Martin Jordan is part of the campaign and features in a video on the coffee giant’s TikTok account.

Gordon Ramsay lookalike

Across two videos, Jordon claims one of his ‘all-time favorites’ is the Vegan Bac’n Bap. Moreover, the campaign states ‘proud to be fake’.

‘I’m no expert but this is pretty f*cking good’, Jordon claims in the post.

It comes after Ramsay’s long history of criticizing vegans. Despite this, he was named a spokesperson for vegan milk brand Silk this summer.

Costa released its latest vegan addition last week, as part of its new autumn menu.

It’s made with Naked Bacon Without The Oink! by Finnebrogue and on offer for £3. The brand claims: “‘There really is nothing like the taste and smell of proper bacon. But these delicious rashers are made without the oink.”


We’ve been #TakingFakingItSeriously with Martin Jordan aka Ramsay-look-a-like and now watch the full recipe-style test. That’s it big boy.

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Costa used a Gordon Ramsay lookalike in the campaign stating the new vegan item is ‘proud to be fake’

Ramsay criticizes Costa’s prices

Earlier this year, Gordon Ramsay was criticized for a viral TikTok video in a Costa drive-thru. 

In it, he returns the bacon in a bacon bap and laughs with a member of staff about his infamous ‘idiot sandwich’ joke.

Additionally, he lambasts the company for microwaving the bacon rather than grilling it. ‘Tell Mr. Costa to get a grill for Christmas…you’ve got to grill it’, he adds.

The video garnered more than a million views but not without the 54-year-old being branded a ‘snob’ on social media.

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