Harry Potter Star Evanna Lynch Launches New Season Of Vegan Podcast

‘Harry Potter’ Star Evanna Lynch Launches New Season Of The ‘ChickPeeps’ Vegan Podcast

The podcast tackles 'everything from vegan parenting to vegan dating, effective activism to vegan athletes'


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Co-host of the vegan podcast The ChickPeeps- Evanna Lynch The well-known actor co-hosts a vegan podcast called The Chickpeeps - Media Credit: Supplied
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Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch has announced the launch of her vegan podcast’s third season. 

The Chickpeeps describes itself as a ‘friendly, fun, and free-flowing ethical vegan podcast’. It says it’s ‘driven by a quest to be more compassionate towards animals’.

It tackles ‘everything from vegan parenting to vegan dating, effective activism to vegan athletes’. 

The podcast is hosted by stars such as Evanna Lynch, Robbie Jarvis, Momoko Hill, and Tylor Starr. 

‘Podcast attractivism’

In a statement sent to Plant Based News, Lynch said: “We like to call our style of activism on the podcast ‘attractivism’. [It] means we are anti-shame and focus on providing inspiration and education. 

“We take an optimistic and compassionate approach to activism, sharing the joyful aspects of being vegan and trying to reach people wherever they’re at on their vegan journey.”


Season three will feature celebs such as vegan comedian Preacher Lawson as well as bestselling author Fearne Cotton.

Moreover, PBN Grow’s Jack’s Patch will also feature in the third season. He will ‘explore the regenerative agriculture approach to food and farming systems’.

Last year, Plant Based News’ co-founder Robbie Lockie appeared on The Chickpeeps

The episode covers a rage of topics such as how PBN was founded, compassion fatigue, and what to do when you see people spreading misinformation about veganism online.

Another topic Lockie tackled was which public figure would hypothetically be the greatest asset for the vegan movement.

“I would love to say someone like Donald Trump,” said Lockie. “Only because he is the leader of an incredibly powerful country, and imagine if someone like him started pushing that kind of message.”

He added: “Trump would be a good candidate because he is the epitome of the egotistical, selfish, qualities of humanity. The ego we all possess, he is the embodiment of that.”

You can listen to the latest episodes of the podcast here

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