Reading Time: < 1 minute The star ditched animal products back in 2019. Credit: Instagram
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Comedian Dave Hughes has described his vegan diet as ‘better’ for his body. 

The Australian celebrity ditched animal products back in 2019. Last year, he revealed eating plant-based had boosted his sex life.

Speaking on his radio show, Hughesy And EdHughes reportedly said: “Being a vegan or plant-based is a game-changer in the bedroom. There we go. I’m claiming it.”

Dave Hughes’ interview

Now, Hughes has praised veganism in a recent interview with Body and Soul

“I’ve found [eating vegan] really good,” the star said. “It gets a little tricky when you’re looking at a restaurant menu and it’s limited. 

“For me, it’s well worth it. Apart from all the ethical considerations and it being better for the environment, it’s also better for my body. “

‘It’s actually a miracle’

“I just turned 50 and I can run every day now without getting sore. It’s actually a miracle – I’m going to call it a miracle! I’m running 5km in just over 20 minutes.”

Hughes added that he is ‘shocked’ by how good his body is at the moment. He then concluded: “I woke up stiff and sore for 15 bloody years, I reckon.

“Now I can go down the stairs in the morning without going sideways – I go front ways because I’m not sore at all.”

Liam Giliver

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