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Vegan singer-songwriter Billie Eilish has asked Sir David Attenborough how he ‘personally copes’ with ‘all the animals that are losing their lives’ or going extinct. 

The star, along with several other celebs including David Beckham and Maisie Williams, featured in a video interview with Attenborough to discuss his thoughts ‘on our planet and our future’.  

‘I don’t understand’

“Hi Sir David, it’s Billie here. I wanted to ask you how do you cope with your personal feelings about all the animals that are losing their lives and or going extinct and, or, going extinct?” Eilish asked.

“How do you actually deal with that as a human being? I don’t know. I don’t understand.”

‘A terrible site’

Attenborough responded by describing the first time he ever dived into the Great Barrier Reef – stating it was like a ‘world of extraordinary beauty, complexity and wonder’ featuring ‘wonderfully colored fish’ and creatures he ‘never knew existed’. 

However, the broadcaster said when he returned to the same place later in life, it was ‘like a cemetery. He added: “It was stark white. It had died. It had been killed by the rise in temperature that we, as humans, have created. 

“That was a terrible sight and a terrible vision of what we’re doing to the natural world.”

You can watch the full interview here

Liam Giliver

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