Reading Time: < 1 minute Azealia Banks raves to her 650,000 Instagram followers of the 'beauty hack' benefits of a vegan diet Credit: Dena Flows
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Azealia Banks goaded her 650,000 Instagram followers to adopt a plant-based diet, claiming it is ‘the best beauty hack ever’.

The 29-year-old American rapper raved about the transformations to skin, mood and energy in a video posted on her highlights titled veganism.

“You’ve got to try it (…) I feel like a f**king star. I just feel so beautiful.”, she said.

‘Tiredness and aggression’

Banks proclaimed: “The longer I do it, the more changes I’m starting to see.

“I started to feel the changes in my levels of tiredness and aggression, but now I’m starting to see the changes on the outside and really feel the changes within.

“Emotionally, I am really in love with myself right now.

“I’m not having these self-defeating thoughts all day.

‘Best beauty hack’

The rapper claimed her eyes ‘had this sadness in them’ but since going vegan, ‘the corners of my eyes are lifting up to the sky again’.

She also says her lips are pinker and her blemishes and blackheads are vanishing as a result of ditching meat and dairy.

But is Azealia Banks vegan?

Fans blasted Banks six years ago when she told vegans to ‘go away’ on Twitter.

She added: “Not everyone wants to wear paper shoes and rub lemons on their armpits!”

She has since been suspended from the platform.

You Beauty reported that she claimed to be a ‘part-time vegetarian’, but that she couldn’t try veganism because she ‘liked cheese too much’.

Rappers ditching meat

Banks joins the ranks of Drake in ditching meat, as well as Stomy Bugsy and Wu Tang Clan’s RZA.

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