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Pop singer Ariana Grande announced she is opening an animal rescue center on her Instagram this week.

Orange Twins Rescue will open in Los Angeles, California, with a mission to ‘advocate and rescue any animal in need’.

Grande told her 206 million Instagram followers she is ‘so happy, proud and excited’ for the launch. Reports suggest the singer owns nearly a dozen rescued pets.

On trend

Grande pointed her Instagram followers to her centre’s page, and teased that a website would be ‘coming soon’.

Orange Twins Rescue has already attracted over 50,000 followers on Instagram – meaning unwanted pets in the L.A area could be snapped up in no time.

But animal rights activists have warned pets are ‘for life, not just for quarantine’.

This comes as the current covid-19 crisis has seen a surge in animal adoptions in both the U.K and the U.S.

Is Ariana Grande vegan?

Despite promoting a ‘full plant-based, whole food diet’ in the past, Grande is not 100 percent vegan.

Fans blasted her last year after she promoted a Starbucks drink that contained egg whites.

Grande posted a photo of herself with the drink and tagged #trythesoyversion – only for the company to confirm it was impossible to make the drink vegan.

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