Alicia Silverstone Says Plant-Based Son Is 'Example Of Health'

Alicia Silverstone Claims Plant-Based Son Has Never Needed Medical Intervention


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Alicia Silverstone claims 'healthy' plant-based son has never needed medical intervention or antibiotics Alicia Silverstone says her vegan son is 'so healthy' - Media Credit: Instagram
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Actress and animal rights advocate Alicia Silverstone has revealed in an interview that her nine-year-old son Bear, who is plant-based, has never required medical intervention or antibiotics.

In an interview with ET, the 44-year-old star of Clueless said he is ‘such an example of health’.

‘He’s just so healthy’

She added: “This is a child who is plant-based (…) To never have needed antibiotics in nine years and to never have needed any kind of medical intervention because he is healthy.

“Most kids have so many ear infections, they’re taking medicine all the time and I’m not saying I wouldn’t give it to him, I’m saying he doesn’t need it.

“He’s just so healthy.”

Bear has only been ill twice in his life, Silverstone added, and even then he was ‘still climbing trees’.

Alicia Silverstone with her son,Bear.

‘They can do better’

When questioned over how often Bear features on her Instagram account, Silverstone said: “He’s just so healthy. I want to share that with the world so people can see that a plant-based baby is really healthy.

“It’s not like they’re just doing okay – they can do better.”


Earlier this year, the actress said Bear is ‘a calm boy’ due to his plant-based diet – which he has been on since birth.

At the time, she revealed: “When your kid feels good, they act well.”

For the planet

Silverstone, who is a vegan herself, has long campaigned against animal agriculture and has used her platform to claim that it destroys the planet.

She has also spoken out about conscious consumption and criticized the fast-fashion industry for its role in harming the planet, stating that it is ‘super wasteful’ and ‘highly pollutive’.

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