Reading Time: 2 minutes Ashley Bines shared the famous video on her Facebook page (Photo: Ashley Bines Facebook)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

An Australian celebrity has shared an iconic vegan video with her Facebook audience.

Fitness specialist Ashey Bines posted the James Aspey Truth About Dairy video to her social media page.

The video, which has had more than 5 and a half million views, shows Aspey talking about the cruelty inherent in milk production.

She captioned the post: “Would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this??”

Earlier this year, the fitness social media star accused some vegans of ‘preaching’ about their diet and lifestyle.


The post quickly garnered a massive 1.8k ‘likes’ and 1.4k Comments.

The responses were mixed.

Facebook user Jessica Martiin said: “I am a vegan, so I agree with this. But for people that don’t agree with this, why do you think it is necessary to drink milk that is specifically made for a baby cow? 

“It just doesn’t make any sense. There is a vegan alternative for basically everything and doesn’t involve killing any animals. That’s the way I want to live in a cruel-free, compassionate world.”


But user Ashlyn Wytenburg disagreed, saying: “Omg people are dumb. How long have humans been milking and eating cows? 

“And this should stop ‘because it’s 2017’? I’m sorry, you’re all idiots. Go to a real farm instead of parking your ass in front of your phone/computer and educate yourselves. 

“Vegan? That’s your CHOICE, now screw off and leave ‘meat eaters’ and farmers alone to their choices. 

“So sick of today’s society with all their uneducated opinions. Social media has destroyed the world a lot more than milking a friggin cow has so maybe ya’ll should quit Facebook while your preaching [sic].”


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