Reading Time: 2 minutes Casey Neistat and Oscar Boyson (Photo: YouTube/Casey Neistat)
Reading Time: 2 minutes

YouTuber Casey Neistat taste tested the Impossible Burger in a recent vlog – and preferred it to traditional meat.

The high profile social media star – who has a massive 9.3 million YouTube subscribers – went to chain eatery White Castle on Myrtle in Brooklyn, where Impossible Foods’ flagship patty is available as a cheeseburger for $1.99.

White Castle’s version – The Impossible Slider – has been labeled ‘one of America’s best fast-food burgers’ by major food outlet Eater. However, it is not vegan, as it is topped with cheese, as well as griddled onions.

Impossible or ‘meat’?

Neistat’s vlog shows him buying 10 Impossible Sliders as well as 10 of the outlet’s standard cheeseburgers. While he’s ordering, the social media star asks his server whether the chain sells a lot of the high tech patties – she says it does.

Before tasting, Neistat and his fellow taste tester (film producer and YouTuber) Oscar Boyson visually compare the sandwiches – and get confused as to which patty is which.

Neistat picks up one of the burgers, saying: “Is this the Impossible Burger or the cheeseburger? This is meat. No wait, it’s Impossible!”

Neistat taste tested the Impossible Slider at burger outlet White Castle


He adds: “We’re going to start this test by first sampling the regular beef traditional White Castle slider.”

He describes it as ‘good, soft, moist’ but adds: “I will say there’s nothing distinguishingly ‘beefy’ about this. It doesn’t taste like beef or burger or steak. It’s more like mush.”

Boyson says the Impossible Slider ‘looks better’, before the pair sample it.

“It looks better, and it’s heavier. It’s denser” adds Neistat. “And it smells beefier than the beef.”

‘I like it better’

After biting into the sandwich, Neistat says: “It’s nice. I like it better.”

Boyson says: “It’s not even close to a veggie burger or a tofu burger, it’s very much a burger.”

“It tastes like meat, substantial meat,” adds Neistat.

After the initial test, Neistat’s wife Candice and friend Sue do a blind taste test – correctly identifying which burger is which.

You canwatch the full video on YouTube here

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