Carnivore YouTuber Plans ‘Anti-Vegan’ Tour Across UK And Australia


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Anti-vegan YouTuber sv3rige - Media Credit:

A carnivore YouTuber is planning an ‘anti-vegan‘ tour later this month.

sv3rige, who has 64,000 subscribers on the video platform, announced the tour in a recent YouTube video. He revealed that he will start in Brighton, travel to London, and Manchester, with possible stops in Hull, Glasgow, and Belfast.

‘Anti-vegan tour’

“A friend of mine has a house [in Eastbourne] and has space for 30 people, so if anybody wants to come and join me at the vegan event in Brighton then you’re invited,” he says in the video. “You can totally stay at his place, he is supportive of this whole anti-vegan movement.”

He added: “If you live in any of those areas – especially London – and you know where to get good meat and rare stuff such as organs which I would need for the event, or any whole animals, then also please email me as in some places I am not sure where I will get the meat.”

sv3rige added that this video isn’t an ‘official’ announcement for the individual events, but anyone in those areas and interested in joining him can email.

He finally revealed that there will be an anti-vegan event in Melbourne on Saturday 16, hosted by a former vegan known only as Luke. “If you want to join them, message them on Facebook,” he said. “Get ready, it’s going to be fun.”

‘Humans are obligate carnivores’

sv3rige told Plant Based News that he is carrying out the tour in a bid to ‘save human lives’.

“Veganism is malnutrition,” he added. “You can’t get over 15 nutrients from plants. I want to inform people, I especially feel sorry for the babies dying because parents put them on vegan diets. Humans are obligate carnivores by nature.

“The [anti-vegan movement] is definitely growing because more and more people are quitting veganism, most of the anti-vegan are ex-vegans who realized that they were lied to.”

sv3rige shares details of his ‘anti-vegan’ tour

Anti-vegan campaigner

This is not the first time sv3rige, who has also made videos about the Flat Earth movement, has created controversy.

Last Summer, police were called to a vegan festival in Amsterdam, after the YouTuber was found gnawing on raw meat, wearing a vest that said: “Go vegan and die.”

sv3rige was quizzed by police, who attended the scene after attendees of the Vegan Food Festival complained. No arrests were made.

‘Vegans hate nature’

Writing on social media after the incident, sv3rige said: “The media lied that I threw meat at the organization, that never happened. They had no reason to call the police and they knew that so they made up a lie.

“As you can see, we were attacked by the vegans. Physically and verbally. They hate nature.” 

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