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New vegan adverts on buses say you can’t be an egg-eating feminist.

The ads, which have been installed on six vehicles on Oberlin including the Oberlin Connector, were created by animal rights charity PETA. They continue: “Eggs and Dairy Are a Product of the Abuse of Females.”

Vegan advert

“Oberlin is a bastion of female accomplishment and progressive activism, which makes it the perfect place to spark a conversation about the blatant misogyny of the egg and dairy industries,” PETA President, Ingrid Newkirk, said in a statement.

“Female animals are sexually exploited so that humans can drink their milk and steal their eggs, and PETA’s ads encourage people to help end this oppression by going egg-free and switching to consuming vegan milks and cheeses.”

PETA says violence against animals – as well as humans -should be rejected

New vegan video

The charity has also made a video which it says ‘explores how feminists who use eggs and dairy ‘products’, which come from industries that exploit females’ reproductive systems, are guilty of speciesism’.

“Dairy farmers keep cows almost constantly pregnant by forcibly inseminating them – which is done by shoving instruments into their vaginas while they’re restrained in a device that industry insiders have called a ‘rape rack’,” PETA adds.

“The cows’ beloved calves are taken away from them shortly after birth so that, in a perverse act, their mothers’ milk can be sold for human consumption.”

Maria Chiorando

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